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355 roller serpintine belt change?

I have an 87 monte carlo with a 355 roller. How do I change the serpintine belt? do I have to pull off the alternator belt? Where do I adjust the tightness of the pullies? What tools will I need? HELP!!!!!!!!355 roller serpintine belt change?If you have a spring tensioner, then there should be some way to lever the tensioner pulley against the spring to relieve tension and change the belt. If not, then there's a belt adjustment on one of the driven accessories. Do you normally have to adjust the belt, or is it automatic? If it's automatic, then you have a spring-loaded tensioner pulley.
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  • How to increasing power generated by alternator?

    i own a 94 lincoln continental and i don't think the chargeing system is working to good i know when a cars started and you disconnect the battery the cars sopped to stay running but mine doesn't. got a new battery like 2 weeks old. is there any way to clean the alternator with out replaceing it with a new one because i know it runs the car with the battery and don't want to change it.How to increasing power generated by alternator?Hi, follow these instructions to the letter. If you are not too sure, take it to a garage.

    1/ Check the voltage across your battery with the ignition off. Write down this reading.

    2/ Check voltage with the engine running. Write this down.

    3/ Check voltage with engine running just past tickover. (Get a friend to apply some gas). Write this down.

    E mail me the results, I will tell you whats up.

    DO NOT START TO STRIP THE CHARGING CIRCUIT. There is nothing you can do.

    If anyone trys to tell you what is up without these basic measurements, they are wrong.

    Speak soon.

    Just for your info, doing this will tell you the battery 'no' load voltage, and the voltage that is running through the circuit at both idle and when driving.From this, you can tell if the system is charging.Once you have confirmed if it is or not, then it is time for a diagnosis.

    (Check the terminal clamps are tight and clean before doing this)

    As bobweb says DO NOT DISCONNECT THE BATTERY WHILE THE ENGINE IS RUNNING!!!!How to increasing power generated by alternator?Cleaning the alternator won't help you. Likely the brushes are worn out, and with a Lincoln, I suspect it requires a good charging system for all the electrical extras on the car. Alternators are not expensive when comparing it to your time and trouble of constantly killing the battery. Replacement shouldn't be that hard on that year of vehicle.How to increasing power generated by alternator?Never disconnect the battery while the engines running. There has never been any proper repair or test procedure that so instructed an auto technician. Don't take my word for it, just find it written down in any legitimate auto repair manual rather than listening to some old wive's tale about auto charging systems.

    The charging voltage should read about 14 to 15.5 Volts DC depending on the battery temperature and state of charge. Use a digital Volt Ohm Meter (VOM) available from Sears ($30) and connect the test leads across the battery terminals with the engine idling and big power accessories like lights and A/C fans etc turned off.How to increasing power generated by alternator?change itHow to increasing power generated by alternator?i am a mechanic and all you can really do is if the battery cables are corroded or loose, then you clean or tighten them ..... if it still doesn't change anything, then you need to replace your alternator

    How do you change the serpentine belt on a 97 kia sephia?

    I threw the alternator belt on my 97 sephia and can't figure out how to loosen the other belt so that i can remove it and install the one that broke.

    Also, is it possible that throwing this belt could possible throw the timing off?How do you change the serpentine belt on a 97 kia sephia?Serpentine systems use a %26quot;Tensioner%26quot; that pushes against the belt to tighten it. In the center of the tensioner is a bolt- Put a socket on it and turn it counter clock wise. This will take the tension off the serpentine belt and allow you to take it off. It is reapplied just the opposite.

    Timing has nothing to do with this belt.The timing is controlled by the timing belt which connects the crank to the cam(s).

    How to change thermostat on dodge dakota?

    I HAVE A 94 DODGE DAKOTA WITH A 318 MOTOR. HOW DO I CHANGE THE THERMOSTAT ON IT? DO I HAVE TO MOVE THE AIR CONDITIONING PUMP AND THE ALTERNATOR TO GET TO IT? THANK YOU FOR YOUR INPUT.How to change thermostat on dodge dakota?yes you do to get to it and do it right,if not you wont be able to clean the mating surface off good enough on it,that's the easiest way to get to them,unless you can get to it just by moving the alternator out of the way,and its still a tight fit to get it back in right,they could have made it easier to get to on that one,i own a 93 and its no fun working on it,good luck.How to change thermostat on dodge dakota?man,that's a hard one right there ,try and drill in to it just a little and see if you can get a screw driver drove in to it and see if that will budge it out,i did that once and had to remove the brackets and all on it,and drill it out,thankfully its brass an will come out once it weakens some.

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    How do i change the drive belts on a nissan 300zx?

    For example how do i adjust the alternator and power steering pump on the engine to place a drive belt on it?How do i change the drive belts on a nissan 300zx?i have my mechanic do that and i pay him with the money get from selling thingsHow do i change the drive belts on a nissan 300zx?It a simple job. All the pulleys are on swivel or pivot bolts. You loosen them and your belts will gain enough slack to take them off. Go to or www.300zxclub. com...These sites are dedicated z folks. They have tons of forums and faq sections. They even a illustrations on how to do a lot of jobs. I have a 91 TT, and I usually go there to get my answers or tech help.How do i change the drive belts on a nissan 300zx?You'll need a socket wrench with some sockets. American cars use inch system, Euros use metrics. Unsure on Japanese. Anyhow, on the pump, start loosening the mounting bolts until you hit one where you can move the pump. Move it in, and there'll be a lot less tension on the belt.

    It's pretty easy, i would save the pain in the azz stuff for the mechanics, this one is do-able.

    How do i change the fuel filter on a 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis?

    My car cut off on me and isn't starting, i try to crank it and it sounds like its out of gas....but it has a half tank of gas in it, i was told it is probably the fuel filter....the car has a new battery, and alternator is good,How do i change the fuel filter on a 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis?I did it on my Maxima 92, and it was easy.. just look up for the filter. It's usually behind the motor, near the windshield. Once you know where it is, disconect the hose from both sides of the filter with a screwdriver and place the new one. tight them well, but not overtightened.

    -(The filter has an out and an intake flow, make sure you don't reverse those when placing the new one).

    -(The hose will have a certain gasoline pressure if your car uses a gas pump, so be careful with your eyes).

    -(When you have the old one out, blow through it from the same way gasoline flows and see if it's blocked. Blow the new one too so you can see the difference. If the old one was kind of blocked or dirty, but it wasn't the problem of your car, at least you replaced a not so good filter).

    Nobody warranties that's gonna be problem.

    But if you wanna go ahead and do it I wish you good luck.How do i change the fuel filter on a 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis?Q- follow the fuel lines from the tank it will take you to the filter,but, do you have a mechanical pump or an electric pump? if you have an electric one have some one get in and turn the key into the run position, the spot the key goes back to after you start the car. open the fuel tank,like your putting gas in, and listen for a low volume whine. if that is present then find the filter, if it's not present then replace the fuel pump.How do i change the fuel filter on a 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis?type into searchbox

    how to replace fuel filter 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis

    have you been adding any fuel treatments to keep fuel system clean might not need a fuel filter at all

    a cup of water wil kill it and it just takes one bad tank of fuel so add a botle of fuel treatment dont run your tank low on fuel more so in winter months tank sweat when you do causes water most likey problem
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  • How do I change the belts on a 2002 Toyota Sienna V6?

    I was expecting to find a single serpentine belt with an automatic tensioner pulley. I have changed serpentine belts on many models with no problem. But this Sienna has two belts, not one. One belt drives the power steering pump. The second belt drives the alternator and A/C. I don't see a tensioner pulley on either belt. Do these belts work like old-fashioned V-belts belts where you tension them by loosening something (like the alternator) and then using a pry bar to tighten the belt? I can barely see the power steering pump so it looks pretty tight, I welcome advice from anybody who knows this model. Thanks.How do I change the belts on a 2002 Toyota Sienna V6?loosen the 14mm bolt on top of alternator. loosen 12mm bolt below alternator sitting sideways. adjust belt tension with 10mm bolt running through previous 12mm.

    loosen 12mm bolt on top of power steering pump. underneath vehicle loosen a 12mm bolt below p/s pump pull on belt to relieve tension, and pry carefully to increase tension.

    a bit of advice when reinstalling belts, the belt tension has to be just so, too tight and you will wreck the bearings in both pump and alt., too loose and the belts will squeal they have to be just right.